Coaches Policy: One coach can accompany a team free of charge if 7 runners from the same team attend. A second coach can come free of charge if 14 runners from the same team attend. Each coach in addition to these first 2 will cost $375. Please note that coaches may be assigned duties throughout the week.


Individual Camper 


Team Camper (7+ Runners of the same team)


Day Camper


Note: If paying balance via PayPal, there will be a $15 service fee in addition to the prices listed above.

To reserve spots for teams of 7+ runners, please e-mail the camp at prior to signing up. The camp will hold spots until June 1st at which time all remaining spots will be released for anyone to sign up. If you have reserved spots, please have your runners sign up as soon as possible to secure those spots. Camp is on a first come, first serve basis.

***All campers must submit a signed parental consent form. This can be mailed with payment, e-mailed to us, or brought to camp and turned in at registration. The form can be found on our Info Page. Campers will not be permitted to participate in any camp activity unless a parental consent form is on file.